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2022 HR Cruise / Excursions

We're visiting King's Wharf, Bermuda.

Excursions - May 21-26, 2022


There are many excursion options that await you in King's Wharf, Bermuda. Or, you may want to stay on the ship and enjoy having less cruisers on board!


Please click HERE to see our "Aspect-Sponsored" excursion options for this sailing.


There are two types of excursions:
Royal Caribbean sanctioned excursions
  • RCCL does the research and provides a variety of options including beach-going, sailing, and other adventures. The benefit to going through RCCL for your excursion is that the options are vetted by RCCL AND if for some reason you are late returning to port - RCCL will wait for you. Not a bad thing!
Non - RCCL sanctioned excursions.
  • Some cruisers like to organize his/her own excursions. If your comfort level is high and/or you've been to the destination before - doing your own thing could be an option.
  • Here's the downside- if for some reason you are late returning to port - RCCL WILL NOT WAIT FOR YOU! Not a good thing!

Remember - the cruise lines are very punctual and will leave on time. Play close attention to what time the ship is on. Sometimes "ship time" is NOT the same as "local time."