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Michael Levin
"Creating an Entrepreneurial Workplace®: Breaking the Archaic Rules of Autocratic Leadership " (Webinar)


Learning Objectives:

    1. Learn an alternative to Performance Appraisals that drives performance, motivation and retention.
    2. Learn how to On-Board and Develop First Time Managers and learn a process you can share and teach others.
    3. Learn how “Creating an Entrepreneurial Workplace®” can create residual benefits such as reduced absenteeism, increased morale and greater productivity.. Identify tools and strategies that will support your efforts toward creating an accountability culture.
    4. Embrace real life success stories on how corporations have driven accountability top-down/bottom-up to create a culture that is making a difference.
    5. Learn the recipe (steps) for creating a ‘corporate dessert’ that will drive a sustainable accountability culture in your company.

Session Description:

In Michael’s webinar, as a precursor to his keynote, he will share some of the rules and processes that are traditions of top-down autocratic leadership that he believes should change. He will share what they are and what he has found to be better solutions in his experience as an Entrepreneur, Consultant, Keynote Speaker and Fortune 100 Senior Executive. Some of the topics he will cover include:

  • Performance Appraisals: He believes there is a better solution than traditional performance appraisals that leads to far higher performance, motivation and retention.
  • Developing and Training First Time Managers: When do we train our Managers? The answer Michael gets most often is “Never” and at best “After they are promoted”. He will take you through his 10 Steps to Developing and On-Boarding First Time Managers that helps ensure you promote the right people and prepares them to be successful in their new role.
  • How creating Entrepreneurism, even in the most structured environments, drives better ideas, solutions and high performing teams.

    Speaker Bio:

    Michael Levin shares what he has learned over his 30 years as an Entrepreneur, an Executive, a Consultant and a Coach. Michael delivers his own material and his own life lessons from the heart. He engages his audience not through Powerpoint but through interaction and connection. Michael is President and CEO of Custom Solutions Inc. He has launched product and service companies and turned them into multi-million dollar entities. His products, including those he has patented, have been sold in every major retail drug, grocery and mass chain in the country. His patented products have been featured in O Magazine.