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Matt Kutz
"Navigating Complex and Uncertain Workplaces Using 3D Thinking" (Webinar)


Learning Objectives:

    1. Participants will be able to identify obstacles to the successful implementation and practice of the unique leadership skills needed for a rapid and dynamic work environment
    2. Participants will be able to describe how complexity impacts organizational leaders and their decisions
    3. Participants will be able to develop strategies to successfully navigate unexpected/rapid change.

Session Description:

Contextual Intelligence introduces a unique three-dimensional (3D) thinking model of integrating hindsight, insight, and foresight, which helps to be better prepared for complexity and volatility. The world is experiencing an unprecedented pace of change requiring what renowned microbiologist Louis Pasteur called a "prepared mind." Being prepared to lead in today's world means we all must embrace thinking differently about leadership. This workshop is designed to help participants think holistically about their experiences and biases and describes how context (in all its facets) is a major determinant of leadership behaviors and expectations. Too often leadership becomes a passive process based on outdated models or irrelevant experience. The goal of this workshop is to help participants understand leadership from the perspective of a context-rich and fluid environment, and offers a framework to understand and organize the various complexities and speed at which information is evaluated.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Matthew Kutz is married to his best friend and love of his life, Angie, together they have two grown sons, live in Northwest Ohio, and loves being a husband and dad. On the side, Matt is a Professor at Bowling Green State University; and an award-winning author, award-winning educator, and award-winning researcher. He has been a featured guest on TV, podcasts, and radio, presented on the TEDx stage, and consults with Fortune 500 and multinational corporations. Matt is a Fulbright Scholar, Visiting Research Fellow at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia, and Faculty at the Institute for Management Studies (IMS). Matt earned his Ph.D. in Global Leadership and his book Contextual Intelligence: How Thinking in 3D Can Help Resolve Complexity, Uncertainty and Ambiguity, was honored with a Leadership Book Award for Innovation and Cutting-Edge Perspective. Matt's passion is to equip others to be high performing leaders. For more visit www.matthewkutz.com.