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Tom Darrow
"Servant Leadership" (ON BOARD)


Learning Objectives:

    1. Increasing self-awareness (identity and purpose) to become a better individual contributor.
    2. Developing talent to optimize team chemistry and productivity.
    3. Aligning individual and organizational purpose to drive growth.
    4. Learn how your life purpose drives one's career aspirations.
    5. Learn how career accomplishments can leave a legacy.

Session Description:

Years ago, the company provided career opportunities and career tracks where it was thought that one could spend their entire career at the same company. As we all know, those days are mostly over! Now, we each must manage our own careers and develop talent within our teams. How? First, we can start with clarifying our life purpose. Then, how do our skills, competencies, interests, motivations, etc. fit into a career choice that can support our life purpose? For this audience, we'll specifically focus on career development/talent management tracks and show how one's career pursuits and accomplishments can create more than a work resume, they can actually define one's life legacy resume

"Servant Leadership" is an interactive session designed to provide leaders with a new approach on talent development - for ourselves and for the teams we lead. Research has consistently proven that sustainable high performance works from the inside out and once we equip an individual with a firm foundation - a clear sense of their identity and purpose - we can add on skill development and experiences knowing the individual will be self-motivated to lead others and lead impact.


Speaker Bio:

Tom Darrow, SHRM-SCP is an international speaker and thought leader in the HR, Talent Acquisition and Career Management fields. Tom is Past Board Chair of the SHRM Foundation and Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient from SHRM-Atlanta. Tom serves as the Inaugural Board President for the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals. Tom is the Founder and Principal of Talent Connections, LLC (founded in 1999) that has successfully completed over 1000 HR executive searches. Tom also is the Founder and Principal of Career Spa, LLC (founded in 2009) that provides outplacement and career management services. Tom received a BBB in Accounting Degree from the University of Notre Dame.