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Jonathan Bowman
"The Fine Art of People Power" (ON BOARD)


Learning Objectives:

    1. This presentation will show attendees the importance of taking a first step to cultivate positive relationships with your colleagues by networking with fellow professionals inside and outside of your organization
    2. This presentation will show attendees three benefits of your support system within the human resources community that can help to lead you to great success for your organization
    3. This presentation will show attendees the profound positive impact that you can have on your colleagues and clients.

Session Description:

Are you ready to be inspired, invigorated, and equipped to turn great challenges into unimaginable victories? In this compelling, inspirational presentation, Jonathan uncovers three hidden benefits of your support system that can help you achieve this goal. This is the power of people in your lives. Jonathan teaches how “People Power” helped propel him from living in public housing projects and homelessness as a child to becoming an accomplished attorney and award-winning leader. Plus, Jonathan’s message is made even more memorable by his powerful, fine art photography, which he uses as a metaphor to graphically illustrate key points. Your attendees will be emboldened to use their support system – not to merely surmount obstacles – but to ascend far beyond them into a future of success.


Speaker Bio:

Jonathan Michael Bowman is an attorney and keynote leadership speaker. As President & CEO of Clear Picture Leadership®, he teaches leaders how to achieve a bold, “clear picture” vision despite the obstacles. During his 12-year career with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, Jonathan served in a variety of leadership posts, including Assistant Section Chief and Section Chief. He led several departments to achieve unprecedented success. As a result, he was a recipient of the Ohio Attorney General’s Innovation and Excellence Award in 2005. He is also a fine art photographer and uses his photographic images during his presentations to illustrate key points. To read more about Jonathan, click here: http://www.clearpictureleadership.com/about