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Lee P. Geiger

"Watch Out for Sharks! - HR's Role in Responding to a Discrimination Charge or Lawsuit"



Learning Objectives:

    1. Understand best practices for addressing EEOC charges and lawsuits.
    2. Understand best (and worst) practices for interacting with investigators and preserving/producing documents during a charge or lawsuit.
    3. Understand the role of HR in assisting counsel during the EEOC/litigation process (and saving on legal expenses).


Session Description:

In this session, attendees will be presented with a formal administrative (EEOC) charge and subsequent federal lawsuit/complaint alleging age discrimination. We will dissect both the charge and the complaint. Attendees will then learn about the procedures for responding to an administrative (EEOC) charge and a complaint filed in federal court. We will discuss the best (and worst) practices for interacting with investigators as well as document preservation and production issues.

In this interactive session, attendees will understand the important role that human resource professionals play in responding to these types of allegations and positioning the employer for success. Finally, we will examine ways that human resource professionals can assist legal counsel and save their organization money on legal expenses.

Speaker Bio:

Lee is an attorney/partner at the Graydon firm in Cincinnati. As a trusted advisor, he is passionate about helping employers of all sizes solve HR puzzles. He represents employers in matters before the EEOC, Department of Labor, NLRB and OSHA. He also handles arbitrations, mediations, and litigation matters in state and federal courts. His experience, practical approach and top-notch client service allows Lee to offer a unique understanding of each client's needs.

Lee is a regular speaker on labor and employment topics. In contrast to typical legal presentations, Lee's sessions are noted for being vibrant and innovative. You WILL have fun and learn something in the process. Please ask questions and be interactive during this session!

Lee serves on a variety of non-profit boards and committees throughout the Greater Cincinnati community. Lee and his wife, Karen, have three awesome kids.


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