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Mallory Herrin
"Emotional Intelligence At Work" (Webinar)


Learning Objectives:

    1. What Emotional Intelligence is and why it matters.
    2. Emotional Intelligence competency areas and emotional management at work.
    3. How to improve Emotional Intelligence.


Session Description:

Emotions are a natural part of human existence, but when we let our emotions take control of our actions it can spell disaster – especially in the workplace.

Those with a high emotional intelligence are able to maintain an awareness of emotions and their impact, leading to better communication, conflict resolution, and relationship development.

This training session teaches participants what emotional intelligence is, why it matters, how to manage their own emotions, how to effectively deal with the emotions of others, and methods for improving their emotional intelligence.

Speaker Bio:

Mallory Herrin is an experienced human resources consultant and industry recognized thought leader, serving small and mid-size businesses as HerrinHR’s CEO and Principal HR Consultant. Mallory guides the human resources function for clients across a variety of industries throughout the United States.

Mallory is a frequent speaker at HR conferences, the author of Intentional HR: A Revolution in Strategic Thinking, and a recurring guest on podcasts including HR Insider. In addition to holding certifications from both HRCI and SHRM, she is also a certified coach and has over 17 years of HR experience.