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Ben Eubanks
"Talent Scarcity: How to Hire and Retain in a Shrinking Workforce" (On Board)


Learning Objectives:

    1. Understand the top five reasons the workforce is shrinking, from broader demographics to specific personal preferences;
    2. Explain three unique ways to attract and hire the best talent available;
    3. Highlight the most relevant methods for retaining workers in today's environment.


Session Description:

In the last few years companies have struggled more than ever before to find and keep high-performing employees, but what gives? Why is there suddenly a shortage of qualified workers? In this session, noted HR researcher Ben Eubanks will bring some of the key themes of his new bestselling book Talent Scarcity to life, sharing data and insights on the biggest trends that are shrinking the workforce along with innovative, practical stories of companies that are overcoming the odds by attracting and keeping their employees in innovative ways.

Speaker Bio:

Ben Eubanks is a bestselling author, speaker, and researcher living in Huntsville, AL. He spends his days as the Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, developing groundbreaking research on workforce trends and examining the talent technologies and People practices that set great organizations apart from the rest.

His new book Talent Scarcity explores why companies are having difficulties finding quality talent and how they can solve it. His first book, Artificial Intelligence for HR, is a guide to leveraging technology to create a more human experience for the workforce.

His annual HR Summer School event is wildly popular and more than 3 million minutes have been watched in the last two years alone.

He also hosts We're Only Human, a podcast focusing on improving human resources, one HR pro at a time. When he's not speaking or writing, he spends time with his four kids and runs in a variety of outlandish races for fun.