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Chuck Gallagher
"THE HUMAN SIDE OF ETHICS The Truth About Emotions & Ethical Behavior"



Learning Objectives:

    1. Understand specific human dynamics when it comes to ethical decisions.
    2. Identify key components involved in making ethical choices.
    3. Review the phases of "The Unethical Continuum."


Session Description:

Every choice has a consequence! This universal law is one that Chuck Gallagher knows well. Having learned lessons about choices, ethics and consequences the hard way, Chuck Gallagher shares his experience so that others don’t have to.

You may have seen Chuck on television, or heard him on CNN, CBS or NPR radio programs or read about him in the Wall Street Journal. His business insights are sought after for his strong position on choices, leadership and ethics. Chuck’s focus is business—but his passion is empowering others.

Currently COO of a national company and former Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing for a public company, Chuck’s programs have been described as creative, insightful, captivating, and a person that “connects the dots” between behavior, choices and success.

Chuck gives his clients what they need to turn concepts into actions and actions into results and results into success.


Speaker Bio:

What causes an otherwise intelligent person - a person who knows the difference between right and wrong - to make a choice that will negatively impact themselves and their organization? This fascinating presentation on human values and ethics illuminates the reasons why. While other presentations tend to focus on legal and compliance issues, the reality is that ethical choices have far more impact on a company long before the issue of “legal or illegal” comes into play. Chuck Gallagher uses his unique personal experience to expose the truth about emotions and ethical behavior. With pinpoint accuracy, he brings to light why we do what we do and how to change. When companies help their management and employees understand The Human Side of Ethics, the roadmap to success becomes that much easier to follow.