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Daniel Juday

"Redefining Diversity"



Learning Objectives:

Using the leadership and management tools to build the building case for developing and implementing an organization's Diversity and Inclusion strategy. Attendees will learn how to develop a plan to become more influential leaders and managers by:

    1. Unpacking Bias by not depending on biases to inform relationships and by driving the work of relationship building;
    2. Understanding how effective leaders and managers became the hub of a dynamic relationship, where all ideas, information, and innovations get passed through that individual as he/she becomes a connector in the organization;
    3. Developing measurable, trust-filled relationships that are not dependent on any biases;
    4. Redefining the diversity conversion by understanding that behaviors follow mindset; and,
    5. Unpacking the idea of privilege.


Session Description:

There's a lot of noise in our world today - a lot of voices from a lot of directions, telling us who to listen to, what to think, and how to act. We're going to try to cut through some of that noise. In this session, we'll work to disrupt any misinformation about diversity, inclusion, and privilege. We'll talk about what these words actually mean, and what they don't, and will work together to find out what they mean to us. You can expect to have an opportunity to align your thinking around these terms in productive ways, and to connect these ideas to how you do your job every day, and who you do it with.

Speaker Bio:

Daniel loves traveling, meeting new people, and working to build bridges of understanding and empathy across challenging "divides." He deeply believe that all people matter, and he's spent much of his life working in roles that have allowed him to develop thinking around the nature of education and learning, relationship-building, and professional growth. As the former Director for the Ohio and Indiana Diversity Councils, Daniel took a fledgling organization and grew its corporate membership ranks by almost 2,000% in 2 years. He nows owns and runs his own speaking and consulting business, and works with conference planners, learning and development leaders, nonprofit boards, and corporate entities - all in a pursuit to help them grow their leadership impact and make the spaces they influence more inclusive. He can be found online at www.danieljuday.com.