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Dale J Dwyer, PhD

"Control Freaks and Approval-holics"




Learning Objectives:

    1. To "uncover" the myth of leader perfection.
    2. To discover which tendency (control or approval) is more dominant and to learn how each affects trustworthiness and leadership.
    3. To learn approaches to manage employees with high needs for control and approval.


Session Description:


We all know them: the people who have an opinion on everything or those who don’t express any opinion at all; the leaders who believe they must be in control of every project, or those for whom every decision and every action is a test of their personal self-worth. These are the "Control Freaks" and "Approval-holics" in our organizations. The session delves into the underlying reasons why people often behave in those ways. Suggested approaches for self-development and managing employees' control and approval needs will also be provided.


Speaker Bio:


Dr. Dale J. Dwyer joined The University of Toledo faculty in 1989 and is a Professor of Management and former Chair of the Department of Management. He holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and both an M.A. and B.A. in Communication from the University of Cincinnati. In 1995, Dr. Dwyer received the "University Outstanding Teaching Award," a distinction conferred only once upon a faculty member, as well as the first UT “Student Impact Award” in 2011. He is the author of the top-selling SHRM-published book, "Got a Minute? The 9 Lessons Every HR Professional Must Learn" (2010), as well as "Got A Solution? HR Approaches to 5 Common and Persistent Business Problems" (2014), both with co-author Dr. Sheri A. Caldwell. He is presently working on his third book, "Control Freaks and Approvalholics: The People Who Drive You Crazy at Work."

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